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*a quick note about the list of 27: If you are a faithful reader of 27 rue de fleures then you will know we began a new feature in our last issue, called "The List of 27." If you are not a faithful reader, we forgive you. These "lists" are solicited from poets we admire. We ask them to create a "list of 27." We conceived of this as a kind of writing prompt but we let our poets know they can take the "list" in any direction they choose. See how Elena Georgiou interpreted the "list of 27" prompt in our last issue. We like Gina Myers' list here so much that we are toying with the idea of using her list to solicit future lists. We like lists, can you tell? The following "list," as you will see, turned into several lists. We like that too. And without further ado...



27 Contemporary Women Writers

Several years ago, a male editor asked if I could reach out to my friends and recommend women writers to submit to his journal. I was happy to spread the word, but I was also disappointed, though not surprised, that he admitted to not really knowing many contemporary women writers. This was years before VIDA began releasing their number counts of gender representation in magazines and book reviews. When JodiAnn asked me to put together a list of 27, I knew instantly that I would put together a list of 27 contemporary women writers who we should be reading. Of course, there are many more than 27, but I offer this as a start for people who feel like they aren’t really aware of what writing is out there by women. Further the list includes writers at various places in their career, from those who are “emerging” to those who are more established. And though it is poetry heavy, I’ve also included fiction and nonfiction writers, as well as some of those who do it all. Further, I limited the list to women writing in English. It’s a largely American list.

Here’s the list, in no particular order:

1. Eileen Myles
2. Alice Notley
3. Anne Carson
4. Amber Nelson
5. Roxane Gay
6. Angela Veronica Wong
7. Susan Howe
8. Fanny Howe
9. Maggie Nelson
10. Sarah Manguso
11. Bernadette Mayer
12. Evie Shockley
13. Robin Brox
14. Becca Klaver
15. Danielle Pafunda
16. Maureen Thorson
17. Sandra Simonds
18. Anne Boyer
19. Matthea Harvey
20. Sandra Doller
21. Molly Brodak
22. Sueyeun Juliette Lee
23. Elisa Gabbert
24. Jill Magi
25. Heather Christle
26. Magdalena Zurawski
27. Julie Doxsee

And for the heck of it, here’s another 27:

1. Sommer Browning
2. Jen Tynes
3. Alli Warren
4. Esther Lee
5. Lee Ann Roripaugh
6. Mary Biddinger
7. Kiki Petrosino
8. Susana Gardner
9. Shanna Compton
10. Kristi Maxwell
11. Jennifer L. Knox
12. Serena Chopra
13. Megan Kaminiski
14. Juliana Spahr
15. Cynthia Arrieu-King
16. Krystal Languell
17. Mary Ann Samyn
18. Donna de la Perriere
19. Kristin Abraham
20. Dara Wier
21. Elizabeth Willis
22. Lisa Jarnot
23. Kate Greenstreet
24. Jenny Boully
25. Elaine Equi
26. Hanna Andrews
27. Claire Becker

One more?

1. Lily Brown
2. Emily Kendal Frey
3. Amy King
4. Ana Bozicevic
5. Cheryl Strayed
6. Molly Gaudry
7. Karen Weiser
8. Jackie Clark
9. Lara Glenum
10. Renee Gladman
11. Dorothea Lasky
12. Cathy Wagner
13. Cathy Eisenhower
14. K. Lorraine Graham
15. Mairead Byrne
16. Brandi Homan
17. Hazel McClure
18. Susan Briante
19. Kristy Bowen
20. Patricia Spears Jones
21. Christine Hume
22. Carla Harryman
23. Lyndsey Cohen
24. Rachel Levitsky
25. Elizabeth Robinson
26. Anna Moschovakis
27. MC Hyland

Okay, last one:

1. Jessica Fiorini
2. Corrine Fitzpatrick
3. Corina Copp
4. Mary Ruefle
5. Stacy Szymaszek
6. JodiAnn Stevenson
7. Paige Taggert
8. Kristin Prevallet
9. Brenda Coultas
10. Brenda Iijima
11. Ish Klein
12. Cole Swenson
13. Brenda Hillman
14. Sara Mumolo
15. Laura Carter
16. Lauren Levin
17. Alexis Orgera
18. Lily Hoang
19. Wanda Coleman
20. Wanda Phipps
21. Maureen Owen
22. Stephanie Burns
23. Laura Mullen
24. Harryette Mullen
25. Jena Osman
26. Claudia Rankine
27. Kim Gek Lin Short

I could keep going. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of women writers who are actively involved in writing and publishing today. These are just a few I came up with in a couple of minutes time, simply writing down whoever came to mind. And I am still thinking of others who I haven’t listed here. A much larger list of women poets exists at Jessica Smith’s blog here. But even that isn’t all inclusive. The ultimate point of this is: it isn’t difficult to find women writers today. There is no excuse for editors to ignore this population.

27 rue de fleures// Fall, 2012

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